Canada Goose Plans to Expand Production Capacity

Canada goose announced that it plans to expand its production to stimulate profit growth. Danny Reis, chief executive of his company, revealed that he plans to increase the proportion of his own coat from the current 1/3 to more than 50% over the next few years. “It’s a good time to expand internal capacity and create more profits, which is very important for both companies and investors,” Reis said to the Reuters Canada office.

Canada geese is a high-end Canadian outdoor clothing company, which integrates design, production and sales. It mainly produces and sells all kinds of male and female jackets, Parker overcoats, vest, hat, gloves and so on. At present, there are retail and wholesale outlets in more than 40 countries.

Since the 2015 IPO, Canada’s geese share price has increased by 62%, exceeding the average growth level of the industry. With good quality and comfortable avant-garde design, sales of Canadian geese are soaring. According to the annual earnings report, the sales volume of the brand increased from 191 million in 2013 to 307 million in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

According to the data from the Canadian geese in the third quarter of fiscal 2017 (cut-off to December 31, 2017) published in February this year, revenue increased from 209 million Canadian dollars in the same period last year to 266 million Canadian dollars in the same period this year, with revenue growth of 56 million 800 thousand Canadian dollars, up 27.2% from the same period. Thanks to its excellent performance, 13 investment banks have bought a “buy” rating on the company’s stock.

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